Disclosure Statement

This property is privately owned. Campers are entering a wilderness area where there are natural hazards including loose gravel, rocks, hills, uneven surfaces, and wild animals such as, but not limited to spiders, snakes, squirrels, gophers, rabbits, mice, rats, deer, hawks, turkeys, owls, and even the occasional bobcat and coyote. All campers must use caution and are solely responsible for any accidents that may occur while staying at MCRV Resort.

Payment Information

Any reservations 30 nights or more require a 50% deposit – Mail to: MCRV Resort PO BOX 304 Hatch, UT, 84735

For any reservations less than 30 nights, please complete reservation through Family Time Vacation Rentals which is located in Rates & Booking


For all reservations 30 nights or more, we will send a reservation confirmation email upon 50% deposit. We will cash deposit 15 business days before arrival – we have an explicit no refund policy. Remaining balance due on arrival – check or cash. Please note: Until a deposit is received the Reservation is not complete and a site will not be held.

  • RV Site fee includes up to 4 people, 1 RV and 1 vehicle per RV Site.  
  • Additional Vehicles are $10 per day and must be parked in overflow areas.
  • Additional People per site are $10 per day per person with a maximum number of 6 people per RV site (subject to space restrictions)

Reservation holders, please print and fill out the MCRV consent form. Upon arrival, turn it in to the Camp Ground Host or the owners, Tim & Lori Wood

If you or your party is bringing a pet, you must fill out the MCRV Pet Liability Form. Submit this form with the Consent Form