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In 4 short years, we have transformed Mammoth Creek RV Resort into a snowbird’s paradise, fulfilling the dream that began in 2019. Elevated at 7500 feet, surrounded by abundant wildlife and endless trails to explore, our resort offers a haven for nature enthusiasts. We are proud of the progress we have achieved over this time. Starting with just 6 sites in our first year, we have expanded to include 3 additional sites and a charming cabin. The dedication put into our facilities is evident, as we have added a wrap-around deck walkway to the laundry and bathing building, and transformed the dog park into a lush, grassy paradise. For our guests’ enjoyment, we have set up picnic tables with umbrellas in both sides of the dog-play parks, alongside outdoor games, a play court, horseshoe pit, and an upgraded, larger fire pit. The play center now offers even more recreational options, and the introduction of multiple greenhouses allows gardening enthusiasts to indulge in their passion. Looking ahead, we envision adding 3 more sites, allowing our resort to bloom into full maturity while retaining the intimate, personable atmosphere we are known for. Our ultimate goal is to foster a small community of like-minded friends who appreciate and cherish the blessings of nature we are fortunate to share.

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Mammoth Creek RV Resort

Tim & Lori Wood